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How many employees do I need to be able to compete in the Corporate Challenge?
At the very least you need around 10-15 people in your company to really enjoy Corporate Challenge.
How big of a time commitment is Corporate Challenge?
Corporate Challenge runs from Wednesday, June 12th through Saturday, June 15th, but that doesn’t mean your employees are required to be there for every portion of the Challenge. The main event is on Saturday and that's what you should encourage your employees to be at from 7:30 AM - 3 PM. If you have an employee that can only come for a portion of the day, that’s a-okay.

Leading up to the main event, we have the Trivia Challenge on Wednesday evening, the Dodgeball prelims on Thursday evening and the Bowling Challenge during the day on Friday. The only people we need at these three events are your employees who are participating in those specific challenges. If anyone else wants to come cheer, they are welcome but it’s not a requirement.
How do we best plan for Corporate Challenge?
To best plan for Corporate Challenge, assign 1-3 people to be your Team Captain(s). This person(s) will be our point of contact and will be able to attend monthly, virtual planning meetings with other companies. We will supply your Team Captain(s) with resources, schedules and plenty of need-to-know information to make sure your company has the best time.
Can family participate in the challenges?
We are big fans of families at Corporate Challenge, the more the merrier! We love when spouses and kids come to watch the fun. But unfortunately, we can't let them participate. If we did, we'd probably start noticing a lot of people claiming they're married to DI athletes.
We want to participate in the Corporate Challenge. What should we budget for?
The only required fee to participate in Corporate Challenge is your one-time registration fee. After that, everything else is an add on. The most common add ons include food, drinks and/or alcohol for your team tent in Athlete Village. We partner with awesome food and beverage vendors that deliver food and drinks directly to your tent, all at your request. Other add on costs might include team t-shirts, a donation to our partnered charity or a fan in your tent in Athlete Village.
Do all of my employees have to participate?
While we do have various levels of events in terms of competitiveness, if you have employees who would rather cheer from the sidelines, that’s not a problem!
Do we have to participate in every single event?
If you’d like to win the Championship Belt, then yes! But if you’re just here for the fun, you’re more than welcome to pick and choose which events your team participates in. If your team decides not to participate in one of our three head-to-head events, please let someone on the Corporate Challenge team know so we can adjust the brackets.
Will there be Parking provided?
Free parking will be available in the lot adjacent to the West Homewood Athletic Center.
What kind of equipment should i wear?
All equipment required for each event, such as basketballs, jump ropes, soccer balls, corn hole sets, and footballs, will be provided. Participants are not required to bring any sports equipment apart from shoes.
Who should i reach out to with a general question?
For any general questions related to the Corporate Challenge or interest in getting involved in some capacity, please contact Summer Hall at